About Us

With over 25 years of experience, Evan Williams Catering specializes in exceeding client expectations and wowing guests.

Dinner Table Setting

About Evan

Evan grew up in a home where hosting was a way of life.  Cocktail parties, tailgate luncheons, and dinners with rotating guest lists of friends, both old and new, gave life to the home and joy to many.  This open door policy taught Evan the value of sharing meals with style and grace.  Evan has combined these life lessons, her classic culinary training, and her memories of all those special occasions into a passion for  creating  dining  experiences for clients with a love of entertaining, food, and design.

I knew you did things well, but this was exceptional and felt very special to me since it was exactly what I wanted.

– Vicki

Our Team

With years of experience working together, our team has established a consistent reputation for quality service as well as food.

  • We work to collaborate and tailor dishes to meet your specific needs.
  • We listen and research to match your style and your vision.
  • Our attention to detail and service is unparalleled.

Our policy of limiting the number of events we take on each week keeps the focus on your needs.  This exclusivity is part of what makes us the most trusted and sought after catering company in the Northeastern Kansas community.